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Big Hairy Daddies

We have mature daddies with bears and hairy chest waiting to pull you over for a spanking. They know just how to use your body and mind to make you belong to them, serve them, worship them on your knees.

Abusive Gay Cops

Don't let these police men catch you in a dark alley, they'll rip down your pants and push you down on your knees before you know it, and if you try to fight back you'll find out what kind of man stick you get smacked with.

You Better Call Us Right Now Slaveboy.

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Group Ass Gangbangs

A group of horny hunks need a fresh ass - and today it's yours they are going to use. Make your fantasy a reality by getting attacked and gangbanged just like you've always wanted, just like you know you need deep inside.

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Dom / Sub Penetration

Give up your ass. Understand what that means? You belong to us and we can do whatever we want with you for as long as we want. We are going to get our deep dark gay fantasies out on you and use you like a toy.